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Hollywood Undead – Hear Me Now Lyrics

Hear Me Now Lyrics by Hollywood Undead

Hollywood Undead – Hear Me Now Lyrics
As I walk through the Valley of the shadow of death
I wear my crown of thorns and pull the knife out my chest
I keep searching for something that I never seem to find
But maybe I wont because I left it all behind
Now I’m stuck with this and that will never change
Always a part of me until the very last day
Where to go from here, what road to travel on
I spent my whole life choosing and It always chose wrong
Will I try to have the will to be alive? Will I try because I’ve never seen the light?
Lower to the ground and its now you see, you spent your whole life taking the best of me

Where’d you go? Wheres your home? How’d you end up all alone?
Can you hear me now?
There’s no light, there’s no sound, hard to breathe when you’re underground
Can you hear me now?
Hear me now


How long can I keep pretending to be?
That all the stars in the sky could mean something to me
Heaven will open up if I live on my knees
I’m a man of many words but a man of few deeds
Walking these streets so absent of hope
A pillow of concrete, a man with no home
Lending my hand and we’re walking away
Leave the virtue of pity but we live with the shame
Those get to dream in a world with no sunlight
When you wake up you know its darker than last night
Quickly we forget, sacrifice goodbye
Hard to walk away, been walking my whole life
Look into me eyes and I see
What do I see? Nothing at all
Take another look around me
What Do I see? Nothing at all
Can you hear me?
Hear me now

Hollywood Undead – Hear Me Now Lyrics