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Copywrite – Confessional Lyrics

Confessional Lyrics by Copywrite

Copywrite – Confessional Lyrics

My face has had more hits than Myspace
That’s why my nose is … side ways
Because I am hard headed I used to be inside the bar
Getting had liquor just smashed out my car
I was missing my old girlfriend
Felt like my world ended
Started blacking- out
The days when all finished
Colorado and Kansas I got chocked
My …bottles ..
Quit drinking and took pills so all those problems will vanish
That’s what happens from where I come but .. for some magic
For now I tolerate too many natural laws
So .. my new girl dummy …
Just when I was able to laugh with no …
My mam passed away from natural causes
Had enough and .. one month my dad is gone all day
I got to write a song called may
Yeah that’s life a bigger problem, just another day
I lost my father among the father’s day
My mam among the mother’s day
Now grandpa slip I don’t know what the fuck he said

I step on stage and I am the only one
Mam and pap had an only son
No.. just a man trying to freedom in truth
Spill my soul in a confession book

I am a sinner saved by the grace of God
31 years of age countless fears on my face
I am right here I am … scar
I lost both parents but hey
They’re both spirit of saints
I hope they are ok
But God still got my sister, grandparents
Now grandpa’s got cancer and I can’t bear it
They say chimo .. can’t think of it but it cannot work it
.. it’s been for months without my best friend
Mama was always in my corner even when I was arrested
Even when I was in the .. she defended me
..God now believe me I agree with David
I can’t believe my life is .. I need to write some rhymes
.. when everything else isn’t quite sublime
My sweet mother used to keep me in line
Any woman who reminds me of her I need by my side
They say seek a new … believe me I try
And I won’t stop
She could be my wife and I could be my old pap
Reincarnated finished cheating
Never understood man accused of women beating
Not saying my dad didn’t did it
Maybe one it was bad with it
The one time he did it left a bad image
So I learn from other people mistakes
Try to learn from evil they place from people I face
Yeah these are the .. but sometimes the parts are too broken
To grab a superglue and stick the pieces in place



I am trying to do without my selfish ways but all I think about is myself today
See I owe it to myself but I don’t know if I can go it
Myself make changes .. myself
.. higher I can see it lower in my …
And it’s no one here to help
Yeah I serve your little time for a …
See you drink but they don’t want to see you drive
Officer they don’t have slumber parties at the bar
So pardon me .. Bacardi Breezier in my car
I can make claims that alcohol isn’t my main thing
Yet I am the one sitting with lemon squeezed into my grey drink
Fuck that I had a sweat for real quit an eventful and regretful year
I had to .. some tears I had to grab some liquor I had to drink some beer
Get some clear thoughts that fucking get me here
.. and looking forward what more do I know
I have no pain addiction death pain
.. cause life in the fast line ..my past pain
But my habits can end my life in a bad way

Copywrite – Confessional Lyrics